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We are a family owned business, teaching individuals to protect themselves and their families in today’s world. We focus on private instruction and small group training by appointment.

We offer safety & awareness classes to kids and adults. We teach how to avoid becoming a victim of crime in our classroom, your business office setting or your home.

Ladies, if you are looking to increase your knowledge and comfort level with handling a Firearm, we have a special class for you. We offer personal assistance with holster and Firearm selection to meet your needs.

Firearm certifications and re-qualifications are available on our private range in a small group or individual setting.

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B = BEAR Cub Safety Club

E = Equipping Women to Protect

A = Armed and Ready

R = Ready and Aware

Some of our many satisfied customers….

The BEAR Defensive Pistol Class is an amazing addition to your skillset. If you are a beginner or an experienced shooter you will definitely increase your defensive mindset and abilities. – Dave F

Don and Marie taught us situational awareness in today’s world.  We still hope for the best but we’re better prepared of the worst.  Don brought his course to our little community group.  We brought the food and kept costs to a minimal. There’s always the possibility of one or more events with long-lasting repercussions.  Are you ready for that? Is your family, your home, your community?

This was a very detailed and informative shooting class.  I just thought I knew how to use my firearm effectively.   – J.D.

Don Odom

Lead Instructor

Don Odom a U.S. Army Veteran, serving in Special Forces and the 82nd Airborne Division. He is a certified NRA…

Marie Odom

Owner & Instructor

Marie Odom is a professional businesswoman that discovered a love for training during her career….

Lauren Jones

Bear Cub Instructor

Lauren Jones helps teach our BEAR Cubs program. Lauren holds a Bachelor Degree from The University….

Don't wait for a situation to find you!

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Don Odom – Lead Instructor

1569 US Hwy 31
Verbena, AL 36091